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What the hell is Zula?


I think the first thing to do is to tell you what the Zula app is:

It’s your team meeting place, without the need to actually meet and waste valuable work / personal time.
The app allows you to open “Zulas” for every need or team, helping you communicate on the go.
For example, as creative manager, I can keep track of creative, media and CS projects in one place.

What can you do in your Zula?
Well, that’s where the magic is:
You can text all the members in a chat environment, you can make a group conference call, share files, and all in all - be in control of all your projects and team members in one great looking app.

To conclude the “What is Zula?” segment - It’s a time saving app for running projects. And yes, it saves a lot of time!

Why I like Zula when there’s so many apps out there in the same ecosystem should be your next question.
Well, a good friend of mine who’s an investor once told me something about a company he invested in and was sold for some tens of millions of dollars: “I didn’t believed in the product, I believed in the people behind it so I invested in them”. He was right to do so, as he made a nice return on his money. 
In Zula’s case, I believe both in the product and the people, so it’s a no brainer. 

The Zula team include some of the sharpest and well known brains of the startup industry:
Jeff Pulver (Or half of him, If I may compliment another dude) - An Investor in twitter, foursquare and many more, and basically the man who invented the VOIP (the thing that made Skype possible, to give one example).

Jacob Ner-David - Another well known VOIP visionary.

And my favorite, my good friend Hillel Fuld, who joined the team full time now. He is writing about tech and startups for the Huff post, for Mashable, and many more, helps every startup he can find by advising and connecting, and he’s addicted to selfies way before the oscars…

So if your looking for an app to help you manage teams on the go, with great UX and some great people behind it, check out Zula at the App store and Google play.

* Note: This post is not a promoted post. I wasn’t asked to write it, I just wanted to share my love for a great app.

Paul Rudd went on a Lip Sync battle with Fallon, and owned it!

Paul Rudd was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show this week and went into a Lip Sync battle with Fallon.

After both of them did their first two songs, it seemed like Jimmy has the upper hand, but then Rudd made his move with Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” for the win.

Just a reminder to past lip sync battles back at the Late night with Jimmy Fallon, This time against Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant:

Is voice calls the next chat?


Yesterday we learned that WhatsApp (You know, that app that lets you chat, you might have heard of it) will add voice calls later this year, much like its rivals - Viber, skype, Google’s Hangout etc.

Not a day passed, and the Japanese based IM service Line, better known for its in-app stickers, announced their plan to roll out a Cheap-call-Skype-Like service, as The Next web reports

Giving that information, I wonder if we are going to an era of voice calls over chats?
Viber and Skype are more known for the voice options, and they grown to have chats as it seemed that the market wants it, but this is the first time that two major chats platforms went the other way around, and add real voice calls option to their apps.

Another thing that pops into mind is: If Facebook bought WhatsApp, and WhatsApp are wandering the fields of voice calls, Is this the first step towards the myth of the “Facebook Phone”?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments, or ping me at any social media site you like :)

IOS 7.0.6 update seems to brick iPhone 5s and iPad air in some cases


Apple updated IOS 7 today to version 7.0.6 to solve some security issues that allow attackers to capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.

But it seems that more than a few users went to the Apple support forum to complain about the update bricking their iPhone 5s / iPad air, causing it to not turn back on after the update.

Some of them were able to fix this by going into Recovery mode and restore the devices using iTunes, but it seems that this does not work for everyone.

I recommend to backup your device before updating (as a rule, BTW), and update using iTunes and not OTA update, as this seems to be the cause for the problem.

Let me know in the comments if you had issues with the update and how you solved it.

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